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All young children in Michigan have the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential in school and in life.



To promote and implement innovative, high-quality, research-based early childhood practices and policies that support a comprehensive system in order to ensure every child’s future success and the future success of the state of Michigan.



In September 2014, we completed a process that resulted in a five year strategic plan.  Click here to read a full description of that process, our organizational values, and goals.



The Early Childhood Investment Corporation was established in 2005 through an interlocal agreement pursuant to the Urban Cooperation Act of 1967 (Act 7, P.A. 1967 [Ex. Sess.], Sections 124.501 – 124.512 of the Michigan Compiled Laws) between the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS), a principal department of the State of Michigan, and participating intermediate school districts (ISD’s), bodies corporate established as authorized under Part 7 of the Revised School Code, Act 451, P.A. 1976, as amended.  

The purpose of the interlocal agreement was to create and empower the Early Childhood Investment Corporation to implement the powers, privileges and authority of each of the parties with respect to the subject matter of the agreement including, but not limited to, the performance of successful, effective and efficient coordination and delivery of early childhood development and child care programs and functions throughout the State. 

Over the years, a significant portion of Our Work has focused on helping to build and maintain the early childhood Great Start network throughout the state.

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